BauTeam exclusive front selection






C Collection

This fantastic new ceramic surface can be utilized for the smallest internal application in a home or office. Easy to maintain and use, a full body ceramic piece is applied to a CARB 2 compliant particle board with aluminum backing for stability and available with White of Black melamine back finish. Perfect for spaces with extensive exposure to daylight.





Metallo + Legna Collection

From wood to metal, brass to specialties such as our Scindula (fronts with wooden shingles), the range of solutions is huge. Our source of inspiration is nature itself with its almost inexhaustible creative power. Brining beauty into people’s lives in our motivation.





Struttura Collection

Inspired by the distinctive structures of natural and man-made textures, we are constantly striving to create unique surfaces that transform the cold, smooth shape interior surfaces. The geometry of moving water represents the dynamics of nature in an interpretive form. Flowing shapes give the interior landscape a straight-edge-consuming complexity and elegance only found in nature. The depth creates a distinctive and unique play of light and shadow as well as an unmatched blend of look and feel. Abstraction and reduced aesthetics generate an unparalleled sculptural presence.






VERRE Collection

Fascination with glass!
Real Glass in its superior form!
Made of tempered glass, withstanding the toughest demands of everyday life. They are easy to care for, do not scratch and create a smooth, flat front.